Eugeni Quitllet

Given the success of the first small ‘Light Air’ table lamp, the range has been expanded with the addition of two new wall and hanging lamps. Light Air is a delusive table lamp, a pendant luminaire that defies the laws of gravity, “like a ballerina floating in the air, the most recent Light Air model with a lamp shade cut in the manner of crystal providing even more precious light. A luminous jewel made entirely of plastic,’ according to Eugeni Quitllet.

The graphic structure is essential and modern, as well as rational and magical. Its striking rectangular framework formed from two polymethacrylate pieces (the most transparent plastic) is the same technology as is used for car headlights. A conical parabola diffuses a ray of light within the structure.

Materials: polycarbonate
Shade: polycarbonate

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with Kartell, 2014