Eugeni Quitllet

Eugeni Quitllet has disclosed that he is the designer behind the success of the VK-1 headphones by the French brand Aëdle, well on its way to setting a standard on the market. The true DNA of headphones in a nutshell, the Catalan designer reviews the technical and emotional codes for mobility with Aëdle like a brief résumé of the history of music. Gracefully sleek, produced in fine, quietly nostalgic materials (leather and aluminium).

VK-1 is a universal and absolutely timeless archetype, willing to be rescaled in the future.

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with Aëdle, 2011

VK-1 Legacy 04
VK-1 Legacy03 RED DOT
P-VK1Classic1-HR RED DOT
A-VK1Classic2-HR RED DOT